The First Entry: Beginning in Victoria

Letter to my future self.

WrittenΒ Friday, Sept.11, 2015.


This is a year with a lot of beginnings. So that means a lot of starting from scratch; a lot of basics. It’s going to be hard- but the things that matter usually are, therefore, this matters. It’s September 2015 and the setting is an open canvas- an overwhelming, blank opportunity. So take it. Everything is going to be okay. There will be a job, friends, teams, PBs and success.

Just remember which units are being used to measure success and make sure they are units worth living for. This is the beginning of something good and I can’t wait to see where I end up!

Health, food, laughter, is all important, but don’t forget about the roots, the foundations that got you here.

Wow. Β Pretty sentimental today. Anyways, you know what needs to be done. Make it honest and get after it!

Much love xoxo


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