Welcome to my personal blog, Adrea~Made!

My name is Adrea Propp and I am a Canadian 800m athlete. I grew up on the prairies of Regina, SK and after graduating in 2015 from the University of Regina, was recruited to Victoria, BC to join the Athletics Canada West Hub as a full-time 800m runner. After four years of helping bring Coach Heather Hennigar’s vision of a high performance training group at the Hub, Vic City Elite has been born. It’s been an amazing four years calling Victoria home, and I am beyond grateful for the experiences and significant growth I had as both a person and an athlete.


After many tears, pro’s and cons lists, and hard good-bye’s to my community I built on Vancouver Island, this fall I have taken the next step in my journey in moving my training base back to what feels like home, in Regina, SK. After a long battle between head and heart, I am finally following my heart to continue my passion with the support of my growing family. It feels amazing to come home to such a warm welcome and tight-knit community. I must include, with out a doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am today, had I not spent the last four years filling my tool belt with friendships, high performance experience, training, travel, and races that only Heather and her selected team of professionals could have provided for me. I am extremely grateful for my last four years to have collected the tools and knowledge that allow me to come back to my roots and build my empire at home.

I am excited to continue my athletic adventure and make time to share them with you. There are still numerous lessons for me to learn, so stay tuned as my 2020 Tokyo journey continues!

My Goals:

As an Athlete:

–>  Represent Canada as an Olympic Finalist at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

–-> Run a sub 1:59.50 in the 800m race and achieve Olympic Standard.

As a Person: 

–> Pro-actively being a genuinely, authentic version of myself

–> Continue working on my quest to achieve greatness

Finally, welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by!